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Data Agent

On this page, we'll highlight a few real-world examples to illustrate how the XLang Data Agent can assist you. These simple and easy-to-understand cases will clearly show you the benefits and practical applications of using in your daily work.

Search Datasets on Kaggle

Simply mention your preferred subject or field of interest, and our Data Agent will help you by browsing through the Kaggle API to find useful datasets tailored to your needs.

Execute Basic Python Code

The following example shows using the Python tool to generate python code and perform some simple data cleaning over an uploaded table.

Execute Basic SQL Query

Also, Data Agent can use SQL tool, which can perform data query over an uploaded table or dataset.

Plot Interactive Echarts

The Echarts library serves as one powerful tool for generating interactive plots on front-end. Data Agent can leverage the pyecharts package, and generate a json object, which can then be displayed as an Echarts plot on the front-end.

Image Processing

Apart from dealing with text or tables, Data Agent also supports some simple operations over an image.

Interesting Cases

You can also make some quite interesting interactions with our agent. Such as:

Prove to a doubter that the earth is round!

Make a gif with falling letters!